Norbertine Abbey by abbey, here are some of the enterprises that sustain the U.S. houses:

Daylesford Abbey, Paoli, Pennsylvania

Spirituality and Retreat Center 

Daylesford, which touts itself “an oasis of peace in the lovely Chester County countryside,” rents out space for retreats and conferences. Among the packages offered: a $220-per-guest, two-night retreat including meals, lodging, and conference space. 

In 2011, Daylesford agreed to let a brewer use its a portion of its industrial kitchen for six hours at a time for boiling watern and mashing grain, and its basement for fermenting and storing beer.

Bethlehem Priory of St. Joseph, Tehachapi, California

Bethlehem Kennel Puppies

The Norbertine Canonesses, the first and only community of Norbertine nuns in North America and the Western Hemisphere, breed and raise AKC English Labradors. Bethlehem Kennel Puppies with a focus on “producing ideal family companion dogs suitable for therapy work (and) possessing the instincts and ability to fulfill the tasks for which the breeds were originally developed.” 

The Tehachapi Norbertines have undertaken the sewing of vestments. They make jam, cheese, honey and biscotti. The monastery gift shop offers such treats along with a variety of books and devotional items.

St. Michael’s Abbey, Silverado, California

Archangel Institute

In September 2020, St. Michael’s Abbey opened the Archangel Institute, a faith-formation program open to young men 14-18. For the sake of fostering authentic Catholic maturity among area youth, the Archangel Institute offers weekly high school-level religion courses, spiritual outreach to parents, and quarterly father-and-son days of recollection. St. Michael’s also sells books, DVDs, and a CD of Gregorian chants, “Christmas at St. Michael’s Abbey: Chants for the Three Masses of Christmas,” at its online store.

Santa Maria de la Vid Abbey, Albuquerque, New Mexico


The Albuquerque abbey has an outstanding faculty who are passionately committed to the faith and to educating students in the transformative power of the Gospel and the church. They are active researchers who themselves contribute to the ongoing scholarly exploration of the Christian tradition. The masters in theological studies program offered at the abbey is a partner program with St. Norbert College. The abbey faculty say, “Our first-rate students are committed and inquisitive. They are true sources of inspiration and wisdom!”

Immaculate Conception Priory, Middletown, Delaware

“We at Bayview sustain ourselves by our pastoral ministries and the works we do for the diocese of Wilmington,” says Father James B. Herring. “We offer pastoral assistance at several parishes and I work for the Marriage Tribunal in my capacity as a canon lawyer. We are developing our Spiritual Retreat Center that will offer retreat opportunities for the clergy of the diocese.”