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Apostolic life

St. Augustine (354 – 430) was a preeminent champion of monastic life in the West and an important founder of what would come to be called the life of canons, clerics who combine monastic usages and contemplation with pastoral Care. The Norbertines and all orders of canons regular follow the Rule he gave to his followers in the religious life. They celebrate on this day, Augustine’s birthday, all the holy ones of their religious communities.

O God of our hearts,
you draw us ever deeper into that silence
which gives birth to the love of friends and the birth of communities
travelling together one in mind and heart on the way to you.
In every age you continue to call men and women to this journey
of seeking that which we already possess, your presence in and among us.
Following the plan given to us by our father Norbert
in the life, teaching and Rule of our holy father Augustine,
may we champion the apostolic life
and so come to know the true joy of that communion
whose source and goal is you and your Son and your Holy Spirit
this day and always. Amen.

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