You know God is calling you to religious life, but what exactly does He have in store for you? Luckily, Vision Vocation Network provides the resources needed to learn what vocation God is calling you to. 

One tool in particular is Vocation Match. This quiz helps you decide what religious order is right for you, and what role within that order answers your call to God. The quiz takes into account your state of mind, and finds the religious community that fits your preferences.

Take the quiz today to find out what religious order fits you. Vision Vocation Network also has lots of great resources about each religious community to help you learn more.  If you find the Norbertine community at Daylesford Abbey is the right community for you, and becoming a Catholic priest the plan God has for you, it’s time to contact Abbot Domenic A. Rossi for further information at or call 610-647-2530.