blessed hugh


Born ca.1093 in Fosses, Belgium. He was at the service of Burchard, bishop of Cambrai, when he first encountered Norbert and fell under his influence becoming Norbert’s right-hand man. When Norbert became Archbishop of Magdeburg, Germany, Hugh was elected the first abbot of Prémontré. His deep contemplative spirit deeply influenced the early spirituality of the Norbertine Order.

God of Light,
Your creating word emerged from eternal silence
and to that silence you call us day by day
in that deep prayer in which we come to know ourselves
at one with you, others and all creation.
Grant to us that the contemplative spirit
in which our first abbot general, Blessed High of Fosses,
shaped and formed our Order.
Enlighten our minds and fire our hearts anew
that our good works may be informed by prayer
and our prayer be informed by our good works.
From the silence of our hearts
we make this prayer in Jesus’ name
today and forever and ever. Amen.

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