An Order of Local Impact


Though a relatively little-known figure historically, Norbert and the order he established have had a big impact. “You don’t see the impact as universally as you see it with Jesuits, Franciscans, and Dominicans,” Father Andrew Ciferni says. “With Norbertines, the impact was local. In the Middle Ages, when these abbeys were founded in the low countries, one of the things they did was develop land agronomically. They drained the swamps. They built great libraries. And they were the suppliers of lots of needs besides the spiritual. Often, they were the beer makers for the area. The pharmacist. Or the physician.” “One [...]

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Timeline of Saint Norbert


Norbert of Xanten: A Timeline 1075 Norbert is born into a noble family near the Rhineland, on the left bank of the Rhine, in Germany. 1111 Norbert witnesses Emperor Henry V’s mistreatment of Pope Paschal II in Rome and is left feeling uneasy. He leaves the court and returns to Xanten to devote himself to prayer, penance, and reflection. 1115 On the road to Freden, Norbert experiences a religious conversion when he is thrown from his horse during a storm when a bolt of lightning spooks the animal, and is nearly killed during a storm. He is ordained, gives everything he [...]

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900 Years of Growth In The Norbertine Order


900 years is a long time. In 900 years, the Norbertine Order has experienced quite a history, but has also experienced signs of growth as they continue to endure through time. Daylesford Abbey’s own Father Andrew D. Ciferni, O. Praem. recently discussed growth within the Norbertine order and the 14-month Jubilee celebrating their 900th anniversary in a post on The Norbertine 900th anniversary Jubilee kicked off the first Sunday of Advent in 2020, and will be celebrated through Christmas Day 2021. Father Andrew discusses that in the Hebrew Bible’s Book of Leviticus, a jubilee was proclaimed every 50 years as [...]

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The Thunderstorm That Changed Everything


The thunderstorm that changed everything blew in suddenly as Norbert of Xanten rode his horse to the German village of Freden in the year 1115. Rain slashed mercilessly at the nobleman’s fancy coif and clothes, drenching him to the bone. Then lightning flashed, the horse bucked, and Norbert went flying. Norbert hit the ground, lost consciousness, and awoke to experience a spiritual conversion that led him to become an itinerant preacher, and eventually establish an abbey and found the Norbertine order. It was quite a change for the once-pleasure seeking nobleman, whom one medieval biography calls “frivolous.” “Until then, I call [...]

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What 900 Years Means


What 900 Years Mean  What does the Norbertine order being around for 900 years mean to you? Father James P. Herring of Immaculate Conception Priory, in Middletown, Delaware: “That this order of men and women continues in the religious life and in the traditions established by St. Norbert and his early followers 900 years ago is a testament to his faith in Jesus Christ and the faith of so many before me. For 900 years, the followers of St. Norbert have lived by word and example the Norbertine way of life in the Catholic Church and continue to hand it on [...]

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900th Anniversary: Press Release


For Release: Immediate From: Abbot Domenic Rossi, O.Praem, Daylesford Abbey,, 610-647-2530, Andrew Del Rossi, Director of the Spirituality Center, Daylesford Abbey,, 610-601-8702, Dec. 10, 2020 Editor’s Note: For interviews, contact Abbot Domenic Rossi, O.Praem. Paoli, PA.: The Norbertine order is celebrating the 900th anniversary of its founding. St. Norbert of Xanten founded the Norbertine order in France in 1121. The jubilee year will be celebrated from the first Sunday of Advent, Nov. 29, 2020, through the feast of the Baptism of the Lord, on Jan. 9, 2022. “To be rooted in such a long and rich [...]

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The Beginning of A 900 Year Jubilee


This November marked the start of a 14-month jubilee celebrating the 900th anniversary of a Roman Catholic order started by Norbert of Xanten, who established the first Norbertine monastery, in Prémontré, France, in 1121. The jubilee celebrating the Norbertine order, which consists of dozens of events in the United States and Europe, begins with a November 21, 2020 conference in Budapest and culminates in the U.S. with Daylesford Abbey’s Founders’ Day, on November 14, 2021. It also includes the distinctly Norbertine Feast of the Blessed Hugh, one of Norbert’s early disciples. If that schedule seems ambitious, so be it. Nine hundred [...]

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Celebrating Norbertine Saints in 900 Years


This year, Daylesford Abbey and Norbertine Abbeys around the world celebrate our 900th year as a Catholic religious order. The Norbertines are the 5th oldest surviving religious communities within the Catholic Church, founded by St. Norbert of Xanten in 1120. As Norbertines, we live together in community, leading a simple, common life (in communio) and practice communal prayer everyday. Each Norbertine takes a vow of poverty, chastity and obedience and lives together in Abbeys across continents. We are called to spread the Word of God, bring peace to our community and help others find healing and reconciliation within ourselves, among others [...]

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