Blessed James Kern, Priest


Patience in suffering. April 11, 1897 – October 20, 1924. Born in Vienna, Blessed James Kern felt pulled to religious life and service to his community. He entered the seminary there and served as a young officer in the Austrian Army during World War I. He was severely wounded and after convalescence rejoined the seminary and later the abbey of Geras where he was ordained. His health deteriorated due to his war wound and he died on the operating table in Vienna at the age of 27. God of all Compassion in the suffering and death of your Son you entered [...]

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Blessed Pierre-Adrien Toulorge, Priest and Martyr


Truth 1757 -October 13, 1797. Born at Muneville-le-Bingard, France. Blessed Pierre-Adrien Toulorge felt the pull to religious life early on in life and lived out his vocation to God. Ordained a diocesan priest, he became inspired by the ideals of Norbert and entered the abbey of Beauport. Living at the height of the terrors of the French Revolution, he went into exile on the island of Jersey but retuned to France one year later. He was captured and did not hide the fact that he had gone into exile, a crime under the Reign of Terror. By this admission he was [...]

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Blessed Bronislava


Love of the Cross Beginning of the 13th century  - August 29, 1259. Born at Kamien, Poland. Called upon by God to religious life, Blessed Bronislava fulfilled her life’s vocation. She entered the community of Norbertine nuns at Cracow. She became a mystic who identified closely with the Cross. In the face of danger from attack by the Tartars, she led her sisters to safety. She rebuilt the Cracow convent, cared for the poor, the sick and the victim of Tartar invasion. Compassionate God, to your Son on the Cross you draw peoples of every time and place. You drew to [...]

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Solemnity of Saint Augustine


Longing and desire for God 354 – 430. We celebrate the Solemnity of Saint Augustine today, August 28. He is one of the most significant preachers, theologians, and pastors in the history of Christianity. A north African, Augustine was educated from his youth to be a rhetorician and tom seek political power. He was both a self-indulgent seeker after pleasure and a tireless seeker after truth. After his conversion, he founded a lay monastery but, against his will, was ordained a priest and later made bishop of Hippo. He preached and wrote tirelessly combining erudition with pastoral care. Saint Norbert later [...]

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Blessed Gertrude, Virgin of Our Order


Humility. Care of the sick and the poor 1227 to 1297. Blessed Gertrude was the youngest of the three children of St. Elizabeth of Hungary. God called upon Gertrude to religious life from a young age. From early childhood she was offered to the service of God at the Norbertine convent of Altenberg where she was chosen abbess and where she served the poor in many ways of humble service. O God, protector of the poor, from the wealth and high standing of a noble family and the inspiring example of her mother St. Elizabeth you led Gertrude to be a [...]

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Blessed Hroznata, Martyr


Power in humility Ca.1170 – 1217. Born into a noble Bohemian family, he became a widower and decided to give up his lands and possessions to find the abbey of Tepla. He then made a vow to take part in the Crusade of 1197 which he was forced to abandon. In release of his promise by the pope, Blessed Hroznata founded a community of Norbertine nuns at Chotieschow and entered the Norbertine Order himself. He met violent opposition because of his generosity and was seized by hostile knights who imprisoned him where he died of starvation. Almighty God, mighty are your [...]

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Saints Adrian and James


PRIESTS AND MARTYRS OF GORCUM. Partners in ministry Today we celebrate two Norbertine saints who dutifully served God. Adrian and James were canons of the Dutch abbey of Middleburg. They were caught up in the religious wars of the last quarter of the 16th century. James was appointed associate pastor to Adrian. Along with other religious priest they were captured by Calvinist pirates and were imprisoned in Gorcum where they were martyred along with the other religious who refused to renounce their Catholic faith. God of all compassion, in the life of your blessed Trinity and in the self-emptying of Jesus [...]

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Saint Isfrid, Bisoph of Our Order


Evangelization In 1159 Saint Isfrid was elected provost of the abbey of Jerichow in the archdiocese of Magdeburg. In 1180 he succeeded St. Evermode as the bishop of Ratzeburg. He worked tirelessly for the conversion of the pagan Wends. Isfrid was persecuted for his stance against the unjust policies of the emperor and for his defense of the pope. Saint Isfrid fulfilled his vocation to God living out the charism of the Norbertine order. You are the Creator of light and darkness, O God. In the fullness of time you sent your Son to dispel every darkness that clouds our minds [...]

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Solemnity of Saint Norbert


Reconciliation through the Eucharist Ca.1175 – 1134. Founder of our Order. Norbert was born into a family of substance; was educated in the collegiate school of St. Victor in Xanten and held a comfortable position in nth court of the emperor and the archbishop of Cologne. He underwent a radical conversion in 1115 and became a wandering preacher of peace and reform. He settled at Prémontré in 1120 where he and his followers made their first profession on Christmas day 1121. 1126 Norbert was named archbishop of Magdeburg where he became a tireless evangelizer and a mediator of peace between the [...]

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Saint Herman Joseph, Priest


Devotion to Mary and Sacred Heart. Ca. 1150 to 1241. Born in Cologne, young Herman displayed gifts of mystical prayer from an early age. Saint Herman Joseph’s call from God was clear and present early on. He joined the abbey of Steinfeld where he gained renown for his preaching. His devotion to Mary gained him the addition of the name of Joseph to his first name. He wrote devotional poetry to Mary and was among the first to write similar literature concerning the Sacred Heart. In every age, O God, you move our hearts to deep affection. Through Jesus’ words on [...]

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