900th Anniversary Saints

Saint Isfrid, Bisoph of Our Order


Evangelization In 1159 Saint Isfrid was elected provost of the abbey of Jerichow in the archdiocese of Magdeburg. In 1180 he succeeded St. Evermode as the bishop of Ratzeburg. He worked tirelessly for the conversion of the pagan Wends. Isfrid was persecuted for his stance against the unjust policies of the emperor and for his defense of the pope. Saint Isfrid fulfilled his vocation to God living out the charism of the Norbertine order. You are the Creator of light and darkness, O God. In the fullness of time you sent your Son to dispel every darkness that clouds our minds [...]

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Solemnity of Saint Norbert


Reconciliation through the Eucharist Ca.1175 – 1134. Founder of our Order. Norbert was born into a family of substance; was educated in the collegiate school of St. Victor in Xanten and held a comfortable position in nth court of the emperor and the archbishop of Cologne. He underwent a radical conversion in 1115 and became a wandering preacher of peace and reform. He settled at Prémontré in 1120 where he and his followers made their first profession on Christmas day 1121. 1126 Norbert was named archbishop of Magdeburg where he became a tireless evangelizer and a mediator of peace between the [...]

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Saint Herman Joseph, Priest


Devotion to Mary and Sacred Heart. Ca. 1150 to 1241. Born in Cologne, young Herman displayed gifts of mystical prayer from an early age. Saint Herman Joseph’s call from God was clear and present early on. He joined the abbey of Steinfeld where he gained renown for his preaching. His devotion to Mary gained him the addition of the name of Joseph to his first name. He wrote devotional poetry to Mary and was among the first to write similar literature concerning the Sacred Heart. In every age, O God, you move our hearts to deep affection. Through Jesus’ words on [...]

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Transfer of The Body of Saint Norbert


Upon his death, the beloved father of the Norbertine Order, Saint Norbert was buried in his Order’s Church St. Mary’s Church in Magdeburg. When in the sixteenth century that city came under the control of the Protestants, the Abbot of Strahov in Prague petitioned the emperor and was granted permission to remove Norbert’s body to his abbey where Norbert was proclaimed Patron and Protector of Bohemia. Of all times and places you are Lord, O God. You bring us to birth from the dust of the earth to which we return in our death and burial. The soil of Magdeburg received [...]

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Saint Ludolph, Bishop and Martyr


Prophetic witness Already a Catholic priest, Saint Ludolph joined the Norbertine cathedral chapter at Ratzeburg and became bishop there in 1236. In that position he opposed the Duke of Saxony who wish to expropriate the cathedral property for his own uses. The Duke kidnapped Ludolph, imprisoned him and submitted him to conditions that soon led to his death. God our strength, Jesus teaches us to expect resistance to the Good News we preach in word and example. In the lives of your saints your sustaining presence is seen in their ability to stand up to oppressors and tyrants. Ludolph became a [...]

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Conversion of St. Augustine


354 – 430. At the age of 34, St. Augustine, a bright teacher of rhetoric, was led through the prayers of his mother, the preaching of St. Ambrose of Milan and the grace of God to turn from a life of self-indulgence to surrendering himself to the power of Christ working in him and realizing his vocation from God. A catechumen until then, he was baptized during the Easter Vigil, April 24, 387. O God, you are love and we discover you anew in all the true loves of our lives. Through years of his searching you were leading Augustine from [...]

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Saint Evermode, Bishop of Our Order


Friendship Beginning of the 12th century - February 17, 1178. Evermode, like Hugh, first encountered Norbert while he was in Cambrai at the invitation of Bishop Burchard. He became Norbert’s closest friend and “beloved disciple.” He followed Norbert to Magdeburg and was present at Norbert’s deathbed. He went on, in the spirit of Norbert to become a preacher of the gospel to the peoples of eastern Germany and beyond.  Saint Evermode fulfilled his vocation to spread peace and reconciliation within is community. You are Love, O God, and you reveal your life to us in the gift of friends who share [...]

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Blessed Hugh of Fosses, First Abbot of Prémontré


Contemplative Born ca.1093 in Fosses, Belgium. He was at the service of Burchard, bishop of Cambrai, when he first encountered Norbert and fell under his influence becoming Norbert’s right-hand man. When Norbert became Archbishop of Magdeburg, Germany, Hugh was elected the first abbot of Prémontré. His deep contemplative spirit deeply influenced the early spirituality of the Norbertine Order. God of Light, Your creating word emerged from eternal silence and to that silence you call us day by day in that deep prayer in which we come to know ourselves at one with you, others and all creation. Grant to us that [...]

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Saint Frederick, Abbot of Our Order


Teacher of Youth Beginning of the 12th century - March 3 1175. Born in Hallum (Friesland in The Netherlands) answered his call from God and trained as a diocesan priest. He and some companions joined the Order and in 1164 founded the abbey of Mariengaarden (Mary’s Garden) celebrated for the education of boys and young men. O God ever ancient and ever new, in every age you lead the elders of your church to pass on to the generations that follow them the wonders of your truth and the depths of your wisdom. In the breadth of our care for the [...]

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Saint Godfrey, Religious


Today, January 14, we celebrate Saint Godfrey. Generous giver. 1097 – 1127. Born into a family of wealth and prestige, Saint Godfrey’s vocation was marriage rather than the priesthood. This young husband and father encountered Norbert in 1121 and immediately gave all his possessions to the new order. He met violent opposition from his father-in-law, but he remained steadfast and he, his wife and brother were received into the order. He followed Norbert to Magdeburg but soon after returned to his homeland where he died on January 13, 1127. Generous God, you raise up in the church men and women who [...]

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