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Daylesford Abbey’s Spirituality Center


Summer: A time for vacations, trips, excursions, rest, and relaxation. Summer might be the perfect time to make a visit or a retreat to Daylesford Abbey's Spirituality Center too. With more free time on our hands, might we make use of some of this time by deepening our relationship with God? There are many ways and opportunities to do this, and Daylesford Abbey provides these opportunities. "The Spirituality Center is an environment of hospitality and inclusivity. The Spirituality Center is here to assist all longing for a deepening sense of personal and communal spiritual growth.” A variety of faith-nurturing experiences [...]

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Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola


St. Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Society of Jesus, was a Spanish nobleman and priest in the 16th century. St. Ignatius developed and wrote a set of prayers, meditations and contemplations known as the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola. This guide was created with the intention of helping those on religious retreats and aid them on their journey to grow closer with God.These “exercises” are divided into four themes designed to follow over a 28 or 30 day period as the individual on a religious retreat further discerns the will of God in their life. Each theme is [...]

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What is a Retreat?


In the most basic sense of the word, a retreat is a time in which one steps back from the noise and stress of day to day life to reflect and connect with oneself.  A spiritual retreat builds upon this concept by not only allowing one to better connect with themselves, but to allow them to take the time to connect with God on a more intimate level. The definition of a spiritual retreat can help answer the question as to why we go on a retreat. We all need time to take a step back, relax, meditate and see ourselves [...]

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The Role of Prayer and Meditation


Prayer and meditation are very important aspects of spiritual direction and spiritual retreats. Quieting your mind from outside distractions is integral to strengthening your relationship with God, and allowing you to strengthen relationships with the people in your life. Taking the time to pray and meditate opens your heart and mind to God and to hear His word more clearly. As you begin working with a spiritual director, you will learn how to effectively pray and meditate and bring peace into your life. Going on a spiritual retreat is a set, planned time when you will pray and meditate. While on [...]

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What is Spiritual Direction?


What is spiritual direction and who can benefit from it? Anyone looking to deepen their relationship with God can certainly benefit from spiritual direction. When you are able to better connect with God, you also obtain a better understanding of yourself. Spiritual direction is the process where someone guides the person seeking direction in their reflection and growth. First, this process allows someone to understand their relationship with God with the help of a spiritual director. The spiritual director helps the person open their ears, eyes, heart and mind to the voice of God.  Growing closer with God with the help [...]

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