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Meet Father Andrew Ciferni


Introducing Father Andrew Ciferni, O.Praem.  Well, not really.  Father has been at Daylesford Abbey for over sixty years!  So he needs no introduction.  But he is the latest member of the Daylesford community we are featuring in our ongoing series about the Norbertines. As you read this, Fr. Andrew is on sabbatical at the Abbey Church of Santa Maria de la Vid in Albuquerque, NM. He was kind enough to spend an hour for this interview as he was packing for his trip out west.   Fr. Ciferni, who hails from South Philadelphia, is the grandson of four Italian immigrants who came [...]

Meet Father Andrew Ciferni2020-10-08T12:48:48-05:00

Father David Driesch, Called To Two Vocations


Father David Driesch always heard the call from God to enter religious life. Through years of learning about various religious orders, and trying to find the right fit, Father Driesch has ultimately found his home with the Norbertine community at Daylesford Abbey. Additionally, he found he was called to another type of ministry — to help others as a volunteer firefighter. Father David Driesch grew up just west of Pittsburgh, PA. While he always felt the pull towards religious life, Father also felt obligated to care for his parents, so he stayed close to home for much of his life serving [...]

Father David Driesch, Called To Two Vocations2020-09-03T11:09:55-05:00

Father John Zagarella Named New Prior and Rector


Father John Zagarella, O. Praem. has been named the new Daylesford Abbey Prior and Rector of the Abbey church. (The position of prior might be compared to the position of COO in a corporation, while the abbot’s position would compare to that of a CEO.) Prior John would see to the immediate needs of the confrères and to the proper functioning of the house and community. In addition, as rector, he would be responsible for everything that happens in the Abbey church. Father John just celebrated his 34th anniversary of ordination, and most recently has been teaching and counseling at Archmere [...]

Father John Zagarella Named New Prior and Rector2020-08-28T10:03:07-05:00

Feast of St. Norbert


The Feast of St. Norbert is June 6. St. Norbert founded the Norbertine Order in 1120 AD. Daylesford Abbey is made up of Norbertines, and the Norbertines remain the fifth oldest surviving order within the Catholic Church. St. Norbert of Xanten (located in what is today in Germany) passed away June 6, 1134, and we celebrate him each year on this day. St. Norbert founded the Norbertines to bring renewal in the clergy through bridging the gap between monastic and clerical life.  The Norbertines believe in a simple life, thus taking a vow of poverty, chastity and obedience and living a [...]

Feast of St. Norbert2020-06-10T12:37:38-05:00

Daylesford Abbey To Reopen To The Public


Daylesford Abbey is pleased to announce we are starting the process to reopen our doors to the public! For our safety and yours, Daylesford Abbey does have a few restrictions in compliance with COVID-19 safety guidelines. We appreciate all of your support the last few months, and joining us each day for daily reflections. We will cease posting the reflections each week day, but we will continue to livestream our Sunday masses at 10:30 am. Friday June 5, 2020 will be our last daily reflection. In this first phase, everyone above the age of 2 must come to Mass wearing their [...]

Daylesford Abbey To Reopen To The Public2020-06-10T12:40:28-05:00

Faith Endures


Despite the inability to attend church services in person, faith continues to grow during the COVID-19 pandemic. Virtual services, like Daylesford Abbey’s own, help sustain the community’s faith; however, while we can bring our Catholic faith to individuals daily through digital spaces, some may find themselves spiritually isolated.  Recent research has shown the opposite is true, though. A recent Pew Research Center survey found that 24% of Americans claim their faith has grown stronger during Coronavirus. Those asked were both already religious and not religious at all prior to the pandemic. In a separate survey, over half of American adults responded that [...]

Faith Endures2020-06-10T11:19:38-05:00

Strong Communication Is Key To Church Life Going Forward


While COVID-19 keeps us at home, maintaining communication with your church community requires utilizing digital resources more and more. Social media, email blasts and continuous website updates keep your audience engaged, and may even increase your reach. Daylesford Abbey cannot currently hold public Mass or retreats at our location, but we can bring reflections, Mass and community updates to you via our website, Facebook page and YouTube channel. We live stream scripture reading and reflection Monday through Friday at 11 am EST via Facebook and YouTube, and for those without Facebook, you can view the live streams on our website. Additionally, [...]

Strong Communication Is Key To Church Life Going Forward2020-05-05T15:02:42-05:00

Catholics In The Community


Catholics in the community recognize their calling to help others in this uncertain time. Knights of Columbus members in the Philadelphia region are responding to the needs of local parishes and community amid the COVID-19 crisis. The “Leave No Neighbor Behind” order-wide service program aims to assist their fellow neighbors.  While the COVID-19 pandemic halted life as we know it, the Knights of Columbus see this as an opportunity to “deepen our commitment to the very principles which define us: charity, unity and fraternity,” said Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson. Through this current service program, the Knights identify five areas of [...]

Catholics In The Community2020-04-27T10:17:49-05:00

Archbishop Perez’s Easter Message To the Faithful During COVID-19


Archbishop Nelson J. Perez released a special Easter message to the Philadelphia and surrounding region. In it, he celebrates Jesus’ return and life under COVID-19. A noticeable theme runs through Archbishop Perez’s message: remaining faithful will help you through this crisis more than you could imagine. Our faith allows us to remain hopeful, and we will come out from under this as a united, Christian family. Archbishop Perez recalls his request at the beginning of Lent: “I asked you to keep your eyes fixed on the outstretched arms of Christ the crucified and Christ the merciful in preparation for the coming [...]

Archbishop Perez’s Easter Message To the Faithful During COVID-192020-04-16T11:45:28-05:00

Vocation Match


Find your vocation match with this handy quiz. If you have felt the pull towards religious life, Vision Vocation Network is here to help you. God has a plan for all of us. When God calls you to religious life, you will hear His message clearly when the time is right. Finding the right fit in religious life is easy with Vision Vocation Network.  Vision Vocation Network provides the resources needed to learn what vocation God is calling you to.  The  Vocation Match quiz helps you decide what religious order is right for you, and what role within that order answers [...]

Vocation Match2020-04-09T14:31:53-05:00
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