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Archbishop Nelson J. Perez Formally Installed


Nelson J. Perez was formally installed as Archbishop of Philadelphia in a Mass on Tuesday, February 18, 2020 in the Cathedral of Basilica of SS. Peter and Paul in Philadelphia. This happens to be the same cathedral in which Perez was ordained a priest for the Philadelphia Archdiocese in 1989.  Archbishop Perez has become the youngest archbishop in the United States, and is the third archbishop of Hispanic heritage, as his parents emigrated from Cuba.  More than 2,000 people joined the congregation to welcome the new archbishop on Tuesday. Archbishop Perez welcomed guests himself at the door of the cathedral to [...]

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Hiking To Heal


Join Daylesford Abbey for a hiking retreat Friday, February 7, 2020 from 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Through reflection of the Beatitudes and the calming presence of nature, we will discuss a way to find a life filled with faith and true happiness.  Anyone is welcome to join us, regardless of where they are on their faith journey. We will begin with Scripture reading, followed by the nature walk to reflect in silence and end with a group discussion. We hope to see you there!

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Welcome Archbishop Perez


Pope Francis named Nelson J. Perez as the new archbishop of Philadelphia. He will replace Charles Chaput. We at Daylesford Abbey would like to welcome Archbishop Perez to the Archdiocese of Philadelphia! Learn more about Archbishop Perez here.

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Director For The Spirituality Center Wanted


Director, Spirituality Center The Daylesford Abbey – Paoli, PA JOB DESCRIPTION: Daylesford Abbey is seeking a highly motivated and energetic Director for its Retreat and Spirituality Center, someone who understands and appreciates the character of Daylesford Abbey and its mission. Mission Statement: in an environment of hospitality and inclusivity, Daylesford Abbey’s Spirituality Center exists to assist all those longing for a deepening sense of personal and communal spiritual growth. It offers a variety of faith-nurturing programs in the spirit and charism of our Order’s founder, St. Norbert, known as a minister of peace and reconciliation. Our goal is always to foster that [...]

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Hearing The Call At A Young Age-Father Casey Cole


https://youtu.be/R2A5G_7FKmM Father Casey Cole, a Franciscan Friar ordained to the Catholic priesthood on June 22, 2019, is known for his use of social media to promote the Franciscan way of life. In particular, Father Casey uses YouTube to answer questions and further promote the priesthood. In one such video, he was asked for advice for high school students considering a religious vocation. Father Casey entered the priesthood at a young age, so he is the perfect person to thoughtfully answer the question. He offers the following advice to anyone in high school considering religious life. First, he says they must be [...]

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The Solemnity of Mary


On January 1, Daylesford Abbey celebrates the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God. This feast celebrates Mary’s motherhood of Jesus. January 1 is the eighth day of Christmastide in the Catholic Church leading up to the Epiphany on January 6. On the Epiphany, we celebrate Jesus as the incarnate of God. Christmas does not end on December 25 for Catholics. We celebrate the birth of Christ and the revelation of Jesus as God for days after. 

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Catechetical Corner December 22, 2019


Friends, from now until Monday, January 13, and the return of “Ordinary Time,” we’re all in for a lot of BIG MUSIC, especially here in the Abbey church. John Woznisky, Gareth Haynes and the Abbey choristers (I like calling them by that title!) will be serving up what the Germans call Pauken and Blasen (drums and brass). Our sung prayer will channel the angelic sounds the Bethlehem shepherds heard on high. But the dark cold of these days also calls us into silent reflection: -         on blessed memories of men and women who have shaped our sense [...]

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Advent And Christmas


We are halfway through Advent at Daylesford Abbey in preparation of celebrating the birth of Christ. Each Sunday of Advent follows a theme. The first week focuses on preparing for the Second Coming of Jesus. The second and third weeks focus on the teachings of John the Baptist about paving the way for the Savior to come and the joy associated with the coming of Jesus. The fourth week we place our focus on Mary and Joseph making their way to Bethlehem to bring Jesus into our world.    Advent of course ends with Christmas, the celebration of the birth of [...]

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Catechetical Corner December 8, 2019


Silence: A New Catechetical Special Topic Series #2 For two seasons of the year there is no GLORIA at the Sunday Eucharist. In Lent that absence conveys something of the penitential feel of the Great Forty Days. Not so in Advent. Refraining from the GLORIA in Advent is more like creating an absence that leads us to hunger for and appreciate more some delight that comes around only once a year, e.g., fruitcake! This year we might reflect on (the?) GLORIA’s absence as a way of thinking about and appreciating more than ever the critical role of silence in prayer and [...]

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Catechetical Corner December 1, 2019


Pope Francis on Silence.  A New Catechetical Corner Special Topic Series # 1 VATICAN CITY — On a recent Wednesday , Pope Francis called out the common habit of chatting with people before Mass, stressing that this is a time for silent prayer, when we prepare our hearts for an encounter with the Lord. “When we go to Mass, maybe we arrive five minutes before, and we start to chit chat with those in front of us,” the Pope said Nov. 15. However, “it is not a moment for chitchat.” “It is a moment of silence for preparing ourselves for dialogue, [...]

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