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Pray for Vocations Monday


Prayer for Vocations God our Father, we thank you for calling men and women to serve in your Son’s Kingdom as priests, deacons, and consecrated persons. Send your Holy Spirit to help others to respond generously and courageously to your call. May our community of faith support vocations of sacrificial love in our youth and young adults. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever. Amen! A Vocation at Daylesford Daylesford Abbey seeks men committed to loving and serving Jesus Christ completely. We invite men who [...]

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National Vocation Awareness Week


National Vocation Awareness Week begins on 7 November 2021. This week, we are encouraging the entire Daylesford Abbey community to pray for vocations.  Over the next seven days, we will post a prayer. We ask that you join with us in praying for vocations to the Catholic priesthood and to religious life.   God our Father, we thank you for calling men and women to serve in your Son’s Kingdom as priests, deacons, and consecrated persons. Send your Holy Spirit to help others to respond generously and courageously to your call. May our community of faith support vocations of sacrificial love [...]

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The Holy Rosary for Catholic Vocations


Pray the Rosary in October The Holy Rosary for Catholic Vocations is an important devotion. The Holy Rosary is one of the most important forms of prayer in the Catholic church.  Catholic Culture notes: “No form of extra-liturgical devotion to Mary is more widely practiced among the faithful or found by them to be more satisfyingly complete than the Rosary, which has come to be regarded as the very badge of Catholic piety.” (Source)   The History of the Rosary Tradition holds that the Blessed Mother appeared to St. Dominic in 1206.  She asked him to teach this prayer [...]

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Vocations Sunday


The Fourth Sunday (also known as Good Shepherd Sunday) of Easter occurs three weeks after the celebration of Easter. This year, that date is April 25, 2021. In 1964, Pope Paul VI established this day as a World Day of Prayer for Vocations, which we call Vocations Sunday in the Catholic Church. The Lord has called each of us to a certain living, but on Vocations Sunday, the Catholic Church specifically celebrates those called to “vocations to the ordained ministries (priesthood and diaconate), consecrated life in all its forms (male and female religious life, societies of apostolic life, consecrated virginity), secular [...]

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Understanding Your Vocation In Life


God has called all of His children to a particular vocation in their lives. Everyone has a different calling from God, and it will be presented to you in different ways. We may have many callings, and there are ways you can realize what your vocation is in life.    One man might have a calling to marriage and/or a certain profession. Another man might have a calling to religious life. As Catholics, we believe everything we are called to do in life is based on God’s will. Following God’s plan for us leads us to eternal life in Heaven. We [...]

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Is God Calling You To Religious Life?


In life, we are all called to a vocation to fulfill our lives. Some of us may be called to pursue teaching, becoming a doctor or the arts. Some of us receive a call from God to religious life. When God calls you, how will you know? The call from God might start as a whisper that grows louder and more persistent each day. The first telltale sign may be a strong desire towards religious life. In particular, those who feel pulled to the Catholic priesthood will want to be ordained and live out their vocation to God.  If you feel [...]

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St. Charles Borromeo Seminary on the Upswing


Despite an overall decline across both the United States and here at home within the Archdiocese of Philadelphia in Catholic Mass attendance, baptisms and Catholic schools and parishes, attendance at St. Charles Seminary in Wynnewood, PA is on the rise. Future priests for the Archdiocese are formed here (as well as many priests for other dioceses). In 2006, 41 men were enrolled to study at St. Charles for the Philadelphia Archdiocese. This marked the lowest enrollment number in a century.  But the general trend since then has been on the rise. For the 2019-2020 academic year, 81 men were enrolled.  These [...]

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Kirstin Holum, Speed Skating To Religious Life


At the age of 16, Kirstin Holum visited the shrine of Our Lady Of Fatima in Portugal. Here, she heard a voice telling her that one day, she’d be a sister. It was this moment, the seed to serve God was planted in her mind.  “It was the first time in my life I truly knew that Jesus was real, alive, that he loved me and had a plan for my life,” she said. “I could barely make it to the pew I was so overwhelmed with joy at knowing the love of Jesus in that moment.” However, she was already [...]

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Vocation Quiz


Have you heard God’s call to you, but are unsure what he is calling you to? Each of us has been called to live out a vocation by God, and it’s sometimes difficult to discern which vocation to choose to love and serve God to the fullest. To help you think about this, take this handy quiz that may lead you in the right direction.  Whether you are called to the single life, married life or religious life, God chose this path for you with reason. Take your answer to the quiz, and continue on your journey to serve God.  If [...]

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Ways Families Can Encourage Vocations

2019-11-20T15:13:28-05:00 For a Catholic family (or any family really) with young children, there are many ways to encourage vocations and help your children realize their calling from God. Largely, this is easily achieved by teaching and leading by example. Praying with your children at home on a regular basis acts as both a way to spend time with each other, but to show them prayer is good and helpful in everyday life. Involvement in parish activities and forming friendships with the priests help foster awareness and respect for the lifestyle of vocations. Regular mass attendance will also encourage vocations. Growing up [...]

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