Ways Families Can Encourage Vocations

2019-11-20T15:13:28-05:00 For a Catholic family (or any family really) with young children, there are many ways to encourage vocations and help your children realize their calling from God. Largely, this is easily achieved by teaching and leading by example. Praying with your children at home on a regular basis acts as both a way to spend time with each other, but to show them prayer is good and helpful in everyday life. Involvement in parish activities and forming friendships with the priests help foster awareness and respect for the lifestyle of vocations. Regular mass attendance will also encourage vocations. Growing up [...]

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Vocations Endure


Despite a decline in the total number of men and women entering religious life, vocations endure, the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate (CARA) has found that over the last 50 years, the number of priests is down 38% and the number of religious sisters is down 73%. However, creating a “culture of vocations” from baptism can help encourage men and women to enter religious life.  By creating this culture, there are three senses of vocation to recognize: a call to holiness, discussion of what are typically considered vocations (priesthood, religious or single life and marriage) and a sense of [...]

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“Help Wanted: Sisters of Life”


How an Article Lead to the Creation of the Sisters Of Life The Sisters O fLife are a religious order of women who simply love love. They see the good and beauty in every person, and know he or she was created in God’s image and likeness, and give their lives for that fact.  Cardinal John O’Connor, a Navy Chaplain and later Archbishop of New York, visited the Dachau concentration camp in 1975. Profoundly moved by the devastation and complete disregard for human life seen at this site during World War II, he made a promise to protect human life at [...]

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Answer God’s Call With Vocation Match


You know God is calling you to religious life, but what exactly does He have in store for you? Luckily, Vision Vocation Network provides the resources needed to learn what vocation God is calling you to.  One tool in particular is Vocation Match. This quiz helps you decide what religious order is right for you, and what role within that order answers your call to God. The quiz takes into account your state of mind, and finds the religious community that fits your preferences. Take the quiz today to find out what religious order fits you. Vision Vocation Network also has [...]

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AbbeyFest Success


AbbeyFest 2019 (#abbeyfest2019) keeps getting bigger.  AbbeyFest keeps getting better. AbbeyFest 2019, held on 21 September 2019, saw record crowds, amazing performances and incredible vendors.  Well over 4,000 families from across the region filled the main lawn at Daylesford Abbey for a day of Catholic/Christian rock music, food, family events and games.  Sixty vendors representing religious orders, Catholic schools, Catholic media companies, artisans and merchants dedicated to a faith-filled, family event participated.   Matt Maher, Fr. Rob Galea, MacPowell, Hanna Schaefer and Joe Melendrez headlined the entertainment. Fan favorite Matt Maher, a contemporary Christian artist hailing from Canada took the stage after [...]

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The Solemn Profession of Frater Jeffrey Himes


Over the last few years, Frater Jeffrey Himes, O. Praem. has devoted his life to Christ at Daylesford Abbey. On August 28, 2019 (the Feast of St. Augustine), he made his Solemn Profession before the Norbertine Community here at Daylesford Abbey. Frater Jeffrey has chosen to live a life in communio with his brothers at Daylesford Abbey. In communio means leading a common life with common prayer at Daylesford Abbey. In making his Solemn Profession, Frater Jeffrey has completed the Affilate program, Novitiate and Temporary Profession. This is his step before being ordained a Catholic priest. Solemn Profession vows are [...]

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Shelly Pennefather Answered God’s Call


Responding To God’s CallWhen many of us decide on a path in life, we tend to stick to it because we know it’s the right path for us. Some, however, think they are on the right path, but know deep in his or her heart, something is missing; we have another calling. This was the case for Shelly Pennefather. She knew she was meant to respond to God's call.Shelly Pennefather, recently profiled here, seemed to be on the path to becoming a prolific women's basketball player. At the time she excelled on Villanova’s women’s team, there was no WNBA for her [...]

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Daylesford Abbey Seeks Men Ready To Devote Their Lives To Christ


Start Your Journey To Become A Catholic Priest Daylesford Abbey wishes to welcome men who are ready to answer God’s call and are committed to loving and serving Jesus Christ at our Norbertine Abbey through common life and common prayer. Please contact Abbot Domenic A. Rossi for further information at or call 610-647-2530 to start your journey to become a priest today.

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Catholic Vocations and MillennialsThe world and our society are increasingly secular.  As such, vocations to the Catholic priesthood and religious life (i.e. religious Brothers and Sisters) are increasingly counterculture.  But there is renewed hope for the Catholic church as more young people are considering a vocation as a Catholic priest, Brother or Sister.   Millenials are choosing religious life, despite what you may think. In a recent Huffington Post article, author Eve Fairbanks reported that the number of young women “discerning the religious life” has risen in the last few years.Just ten years ago, there were fewer than 50,000 Catholic sisters in America, [...]


Catholic Vocations


Daylesford Abbey's Website Features Vocations Blog Daylesford Abbey's new website includes a platform that will be dedicated to content about vocations in the Catholic church, specifically to Catholic religious orders and the Catholic priesthood. We will be sharing stories of our own vocations.  We will feature information about discerning your vocation.  We will include blogs about growing and cultivating Catholic vocations with incredible stories of religious communities that are growing in numbers. Look for more information in the weeks and months to come.

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