The community at Daylesford Abbey in Paoli, PA recently celebrated the ordination of Fr. Jeff Himes. As Fr. Jeff begins his journey as a Catholic Priest, Daylesford Abbey is also celebrating the profound commitment the lifetime of service provided by three men ordained fifty years ago. These three esteemed Norbertine priests—Abbot Dominic Rossi, Fr. John Novielli, and Fr. Blaise Krautsack represent a combined 150 years of priestly service, saving souls and ministering to God’s church. This milestone not only honors their unwavering commitment to faith and service but also reflects their enduring impact on the community and beyond.

Over the next three weeks, we will share a profile for each of our jubilarians!  Stay tuned!

abbot dominic rossiAbbot Dominic Rossi: A Journey of Faith and Leadership

Abbot Dominic Rossi’s journey into priesthood has been marked by deep spiritual insights and transformative leadership. As the Abbot of Daylesford Abbey, he has guided the community with

wisdom and compassion, fostering a spirit of prayer, community, and service. His commitment to the Norbertine order and his pastoral care have touched countless lives, making him a revered figure within and beyond the abbey walls.

Fr. John Novielli: A Lifetime of Dedication to Education and Community

For nearly half a century, Fr. John Novielli has served as a cornerstone of education and spiritual guidance at Villa Maria Academy, alongside his roles at Daylesford Abbey. His journey from lay brother to ordained priest has been characterized by steadfast devotion and leadership. Through his chaplaincy at Villa Maria Academy and his work as Development Director, he has nurtured generations of students and strengthened the bonds of community.

Fr. Blaise Krautsack: A Legacy of Service and Spiritual Guidance

Fr. Blaise Krautsack’s priesthood has been marked by a profound dedication to pastoral care and spiritual guidance. His ministry spans various roles within the Norbertine community, touching the lives of parishioners and retreatants alike. His gentle demeanor and compassionate spirit have made him a beloved figure among those he serves, embodying the Norbertine values of humility, prayer, and hospitality.

Reflecting on 150 Years of Priesthood

As Daylesford Abbey and the broader community celebrate the Golden Jubilees of Abbot Dominic Rossi, Fr. John Novielli, and Fr. Blaise Krautsack, it is a time to reflect on the enduring impact of their priesthood. Their collective 150 years of service exemplify the essence of vocation, faith, and community. Through their leadership, pastoral care, and unwavering dedication to God’s work, they have enriched the lives of countless individuals and families.

A Community United in Faith and Gratitude

The celebration of their Golden Jubilees is not just a recognition of their individual milestones but a testament to the strength and unity of the Daylesford Abbey community. As friends, parishioners, and fellow priests gather to honor Abbot Dominic Rossi, Fr. John Novielli, and Fr. Blaise Krautsack, they celebrate a shared journey of faith, marked by love, compassion, and the transformative power of God’s grace.

Looking Forward with Hope and Renewed Purpose

As Abbot Dominic Rossi, Fr. John Novielli, and Fr. Blaise Krautsack continue their ministries with renewed zeal and dedication, the Daylesford Abbey community looks forward to the future with hope and gratitude. Their collective wisdom, spiritual guidance, and commitment to service inspire us all to deepen our faith and embrace our own journeys with courage and conviction.

Join Us in Prayer

Join us in praying for these holy men of God, the remarkable achievements and unwavering commitment of Abbot Dominic Rossi, Fr. John Novielli, and Fr. Blaise Krautsack. Their Golden Jubilees remind us of the enduring power of priesthood and the profound impact of a life dedicated to God’s service. Together, let us continue to uphold their legacy and strive to live out the values of faith, love, and community in our own lives.

This post honors the remarkable achievements and contributions of Abbot Dominic Rossi, Fr. John Novielli, and Fr. Blaise Krautsack, as they celebrate 150 years of priesthood at Daylesford Abbey. Their journey of faith and service serves as an inspiration to all who seek to deepen their spiritual connection and embrace a life of purpose and compassion.

God calls each of us to a unique vocation where we can know, love and serve God in this world.  What is God calling you to do?  As you consider a vocation, reach out to Daylesford Abbey and learn more about joining our community.