Daylesford Abbey has a series of podcasts called AbbeyCast. This series began in July 2020. “AbbeyCast” is the official podcast of Daylesford Abbey and captures informal, free-flowing conversations that spark curiosity and nurture spiritual growth.” Many people think of social media as visual posts and discoveries, such as posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other sites. There is another popular series of social media posts that are verbal, with conversations, questions and answers, lively discussions and more. These verbal posts are called podcasts.

A podcast is a “a digital audio file made available on the internet for downloading to a computer or mobile device, typically available as a series. New installments can be received by subscribers…”

A podcast is primarily an audio post involving active listening with accompanying video of the people involved in the podcast. Podcasts are becoming more popular on social networks, utilizing verbal communication. Podcasts also foster and enhance listening skills and effective listening.

You can listen to a podcast while driving, enjoying the health benefits of regular walking, housecleaning, doing the dishes or dusting. Paying attention to an AbbeyCast while relaxing outside under a shady tree is another option. In our busy, sometimes hectic world, you can listen to a podcast while getting in your steps and learn while exercising.

The podcast often features Andrew Del Rossi, the Director of the Spirituality Center at Daylesford Abbey. He has hosted twenty-one different episodes of Abbey Casts on a variety of topics. Listeners to AbbeyCast can listen to the podcasts in any order.

On the first episode of AbbeyCast, host Andrew Del Rossi sits down with guest Fr. John Zagarella to talk about his new role as prior, the influence of music, and the spiritual journey

You may also recognize him as the priest who is responsible for Rock the Word 153.




In another AbbeyCast, Father Jeff Himes, O. Praem. talks growing up in Chester County. He talks about his career and life in the music industry, and the call to religious life as a member of the Norbertine community of Daylesford Abbey.

The former Abbot Emeritus Father Richard Antonucci, O. Praem. shares about the diversity of experiences and roles he has had as a Norbertine, both before and while living at Daylesford Abbey.

Some of the Podcasts involve conversations with members of other religious communities, and of lay people too.

AbbeyCast Number 20 is with “Brother Dennis Snyder, TOR, EdD.

He is a Franciscan Friar, and member of the Province of The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, Third Order Regular. Brother Dennis is currently on sabbatical at Daylesford Abbey.”

AbbeyCast Number 19 features Maria Lynch. She is a trained spiritual director and the co-leader of the Spiritual Direction team at Daylesford Abbey.

AbbeyCast Episode 6 features Ted Latham and Jenny Tatigan talking about the Women’s Sacred Music Project.

Did you know that you can become a Lay Associate of the Norbertines? Watch AbbeyCast Episode 4 to hear and learn more.

Have you ever wanted to spend time with a Norbertine priest? Curious why he is a follower of St. Norbert? Want to get to know him better, learn what drew him to Daylesford Abbey, and why he stays? You can visit with one by listening to one of the AbbeyCast segments.

The many AbbeyCast episodes can be found on the Springhouse Media section of the Daylesford Abbey webpage by clicking here.

There are twenty-one episodes, and this post highlights only a few. You are invited to view the podcasts in any order that you wish, and to share your insights, likes, and comments.

Andrew Del Rossi, the Director of the Spirituality Center at the Abbey works hard to present podcasts/AbbeyCasts of interests to viewers. After listening to an AbbeyCast, you can record your comments right on the AbbeyCast site for that particular podcast. Suggestions for future podcasts are welcome too. We await your shared wisdom and insights.