Father John Zagarella traveled to Bangalore, India this past November to visit St. Norbert School, a Norbertine-run school. Father John was warmly welcomed by Father Alois, Father Jijo, Father Mariadas and Father Manoj from the school and parish during his time spent at St. Norbert. While he spent the majority of his two week trip at the school, these Norbertine priests took him to many Norbertine establishments in Southern India. 

Father John noted the student’s exhibited politeness and class, greeting him each morning as they lined up before school for their morning prayer and the pledge to their country. Any student celebrating a birthday was also brought to everyone’s attention to receive well wishes. Father John was even invited to teach a few lessons while he was there about the United States and our Norbertine founder, St. Norbert.

On November 29, during the Annual Day Celebration, Father John was the guest speaker. On this, he reflects:

To think that I had the blessed privilege to speak to you, parents of our students, about the good works the Norbertines are doing in our school! I meant every word of my address that night. Our children at Saint Norbert School are receiving a great education in a caring environment led by a Norbertine presence that stands on the charismatic shoulders of our founder, Minister of Peace and Concord Norbert of Xanten. Saint Norbert School is a blessing to your children, a blessing to our Order of Premontre and in more ways than I ever imagined, a blessing to me and my priesthood.”