assumption of maryThis Tuesday, August 15, we celebrated the feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The Assumption of Mary is a Catholic feast day that dates back to the earliest days of the Christian church.

This solemnity commemorates the belief that Mary, who is the immaculate mother of Jesus Christ and was born without sin, was assumed into Heaven with her body and soul after her death. The Catholic Church observes it as one of the most important Marian feasts on August 15th each year.

The Bible does not mention this event, but people celebrate it because they have always respected Mary, Jesus’ mother. The Catholic Church declared this event a dogma on November 1, 1950. Pope Pius XII officially declared it in the apostolic constitution “Munificentissimus Deus.”

Since early Christianity, Catholics and other Christians celebrate Mary’s importance in salvation history and her relationship with Jesus as his mother. Many Catholics pray the Rosary daily, and often at night before they fall asleep. They reflect on the mysteries of the Rosary as they pray ten Hail Mary’s for each decade. They end each decade with a glory be to the father.

After her death, Mary ascended to heaven with her body and soul as described in the Fourth Glorious Mystery. She also remained free from the stain of original sin.

Mary’s Role in Salvation History

God made her the Queen of everything so she could be even more like her Son, Jesus who is the Lord of all and defeated sin and death.

The Virgin Mary, who was sinless, was taken into heaven with her body and soul after her death. God appointed her as the Queen of everything, allowing her to resemble her Son, Jesus.

Mary’s radical humility is a treasure chest of lessons about inner spiritual life. She must have had a deep, rich spiritual life. Imagine what it was like for the first Christians to seek her counsel and guidance.

This was her reward for a life lived entirely for God. Mary gave everything to God. Focusing on the drive for prestige, wealth, and power are often challenges for us today.

Many believers often associate the Assumption with themes of hope, resurrection, and the promise of eternal life.

Hope Found in the Assumption

Today, there is much that many hope and work for. There is hope for those who struggle financially, those without homes, and the ongoing violence in our communities, including schools. We face the war in Ukraine and gun violence in the United States.

St. Norbert, who started the Norbertine Order, wanted every house to be under the care of Our Lady. He also wanted the Order to consider her as their Patroness and Protector.

Therefore, August 15th, the Assumption Day, is an important day for all Norbertines. Click here to watch a video about the abbey.

The Norbertine priests at Daylesford Abbey do more than just hope. They pray daily, celebrating Mass, praying the Liturgy of the Hours, spending time in meditation, but they do far more than just hope and pray. They also provide spiritual care, guidance , spiritual direction, helping people to move away from laziness and selfishness.

The mission statement of the Norbertines states that they are to be apostles of peace to our own hearts and for one another, *to be a healing and reconciling community, a hospitable family, where any of God’s children may find a sanctuary of healing and strength for Christ’s mission.”

On this Solemnity, many Christians attend special church services, processions, and other religious observances to commemorate the Assumption of Mary. This is a day of prayer, reflection, and devotion to Mary, as well as a celebration of her exalted status in the Christian faith.

The Norbertines at Daylesford Abbey spend time in prayer each day, as well as celebrating daily Mass. Click here to our liturgy schedule. Sunday Mass is even Live Streamed at 10:30am EST.

The Norbertine Life of Hope

Although we have just celebrated the feast of the Assumption of Mary, the message of hope continues. We as Catholic Christians must work to enact this hope, to make a difference in our world, to be harbingers of our eternal life with God to come.

The Norbertine priests provide us with examples and opportunities. Click here to learn more.   See the many ministries at the abbey, and where you might want to connect for involvement. Parish Work, The Bethesda Project, Outreach Ministry and the Isaiah 58 Ministry are just a few.

You would not work alone, but with Norbertine priests and other committed dedicated volunteers. The Abbey also provides spiritual support and direction for involvement, including private Spiritual Direction and Individual and group retreats at the Spirituality and Retreat center.  Learn more about our Spirituality Programs by clicking here.

Working with Daylesford Abbey volunteers and meeting and getting to know the Norbertine priests might lead to a next step, a desire to become a part of this dedicated, prayerful group. Copy and paste this link to watch a brief video.  Watching may lead to a desire to learn more. The Norbertine priests are welcoming and easy to talk with.

The Next Step is Yours!