Rev. Dave Driesch not only serves God, but his Paoli community as a firefighter! Rev. Driesh is the Prior at Daylesford Abbey, and he has been a firefighter for over 30 years. Recently, he has taken Rev. Tim McGill, under his wing. Rev. McGill is a Southern Baptist minister and pastor of Paoli Community Church. 

Over the years, Rev. Driesch learned  to gauge when he can and cannot leave one position for the other. 

“If I heard the siren go off during Mass, and I heard one engine leave, and then a second engine leave, I’d speed things up a bit, cut that sermon short, and just get moving,” said Driesch, followed by advice for Rev. McGill: “You’ll learn when you can leave and when you can’t leave. Obviously, you don’t leave during a wedding or funeral.”

Both men actually reached out to the Paoli Fire Company three years ago, independent of each other, to serve as the company’s chaplain. However, the company, after seeing their resumes, felt they were both better suited to help fight fires. So, in the end, Paoli Fire Company found itself with two new chaplains and two new volunteer firefighters. 

Driesch describes both positions as vocations to serve. When they are called out to a fire or emergency, they are firefighters first and don’t press religious beliefs on anyone, but are also available to pray with others, ask God to watch over them and be available to counsel their fellow firefighters. 

Rev. Dave Driesch was recently awarded Firefighter of the Year at the Paoli Fire Company on January 14, 2020 by Fire Chief Andrea Testa (the first female fire chief in Chester County). At Daylesford Abbey, we’re proud of Rev. Driesch’s service to God and his community. God called upon him more than once, and Rev. Driesch answered each time.