Growing religious orders are not a thing of the past. It would appear in recent years, the number of men and women entering religious life has decreased in recent years. In fact, a decline in vocations began to decrease between 1963 and 1966. However, for some religious orders, that is not the case. In particular, more traditional religious orders are growing despite an increasingly secular world. Many of the religious orders that continue to grow have various traits in common.

For example, the Legionaries of Christ is among the list of growing religious orders. The Legionaries of Christ live communally and take a vow of poverty, chastity and obedience. They dedicated their lives to Christ, and serving both Him and His Father. 

What attracts people to orders with what seems like such strict rules? This would be a misconception, as living with your brothers in faith with the same goals is an effective way to spread God’s message. At Daylesford Abbey, we live in communio, meaning in communion in Christ. Christ is at the center of our lives, like the Legionaries of Christ. Our Norbertine community offers men the chance to to live a common life with common prayer. We offer an oasis of peace to those who are already our brothers, and those who will become our brothers. 

While the religious orders that continue to grow may seem more “traditional” or “strict” to an outsider, our common life allows us to bond closer to each other and Christ. To this end, we are able to spread love and peace in the name of Christ more effectively by doing it together.