There are many ways of communicating in these modern times. Do you get phone calls? Emails? Text messages?  Do you visit social media sites and use social networks? These are all part of our human experience in this day and age. God’s calling you to religious life may just come through an unexpected source like social media.

Sometimes we are inundated with social media: posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and other sites too. Often, we ignore what is being communicated, or do not follow up on information and instructions.

Our loving, merciful, almighty, all-powerful God communicates too, sometimes even using modern communication techniques. Have you seen and heard the vocation discernment information on the Daylesford Abbey website? There is information on a divine call, a call from Jesus Christ, inviting you to a deeper relationship with God in a process of spiritual discernment.

Yes, I said, “seen and heard,” because they have a fascinating video  about discerning a call to the priesthood.  You can also find a videoon A Day in the Life of a Roman Catholic Priest.  The priest interviewed in the video shares something that is one of the most common and important things he does as a priest which he says is also easy to take for granted. What is it? Watch the video to find out.

Signs God May Be Calling You

Have you ever dreamed about a more peace-filled world, a world where people live together in an atmosphere of mutual respect, acceptance, and affirmation? If you have ever had thoughts like that, just maybe God was involved in bringing those ideas to your attention.

Do you find yourself associating with people who have similar ideas and actions to yours, in your family, school, workplace, even when you work out in the gym or go running, hiking, or skiing?

“If you have a passion for God and for helping others to find Christ, this may be a sign of God’s plan for you.”

A Vocation at Daylesford Abbey

With the Norbertine priests and brothers at Daylesford Abbey, you would live in community with other like-minded men, join in common prayer and celebrate Mass each day, and be of service to the larger church and world in a variety of ministries and in various kinds of work.

Do you see yourself working in a parish? You could do that as a Norbertine, working in one of two parishes in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, St. Norbert Parish and St. Gabriel Parish.


Are you passionate about spiritual growth? You would have the opportunity for spiritual direction, and even be trained as a certified spiritual director, to help others come to know our loving God.

Do you want to help the poor? You could be involved in the Bethesda Project, a major ministry to the homeless in the Philadelphia area.


Are you concerned about the migrant workers who arrive in our country, and then try to find work, buy a home, and raise their families? Isaiah 58 Ministry assists migrants and refugees. The Norbertines also support Mission Santa Maria and minister to and with the people there.


Are you currently involved in education work or are you passionate about sharing knowledge and educating others? Daylesford Abbey is involved in the educational apostolate, and currently have two men assigned to Archmere Academy. Another is chaplain at Villa Maria Lower School.


If social media is one of your interests, the Norbertines have a series, Rock the Word 153, a program that offers reflections on how God communicates messages of love, forgiveness, and healing in an abundance of ways, including through rock and roll music.

Do you paint, draw, or sculpt, and enjoy looking at fine art and creating it too? Imagine taking viewers on a virtual tour of the many pieces of art on the Daylesford Abbey grounds with the “Art and Artists at the Abbey” series. You could even help create new videos and virtual tours.

Do you listen to podcasts? There are some great podcasts on the Daylesford Abbey website and you could join the AbbeyCast team.

A Vocation of Possibilities

So many possibilities! A wealth of opportunities! But the journey can only begin if you take the time to answer the call, to respond to the yearning, the voice of God in your mind and heart.

The next step is easy: going to the vocations section of the Daylesford Abbey website. There you can read about the five steps in the formation process, and even request more information.

There are also fascinating stories from several of the Norbertines priests on Why they became a Norbertine. Some of their stories may resonate with who you are and where you are on your life’s journey.