Jeff Himes has made his Solemn Profession at Daylesford Abbey.

On the Feast of St. Augustine (August 28, 2019), Jeff Himes professed his Solemn Vows at Daylesford Abbey. This means he has made his lifetime commitment to both God and the Norbertine community at Daylesford Abbey. We are delighted to have him as a brother in our Norbertine community.

After the passage of at least three years in temporary vows, the candidate and the Community discern if he is to proceed to solemn vows.

These vows are made for life. By solemn profession a man is incorporated as a permanent and full member of the Norbertine community. Following solemn profession he will complete further educational requirements needed for priesthood. For brother candidates, this will continue to be a time to fulfill whatever requirements may be necessary for his ministry.