Imagine something that has been around for 900 years The longevity of pre-Flood people, such as Methuselah, was about nine hundred years. In the book of Genesis, the Bible records exceptionally long human lifespans.

Adam lived to 930 years, Noah even longer, to 950 years. Did these Biblical writers record the ages of people differently? In months rather than years? These long lifespans are presented as normal experiences.

The Palace of Westminster in Britain has been a center of power for over nine hundred years.

Religious orders have been in existence for hundreds of years too. The Norbertine Roman Catholic religious order of priests has been in existence for nine hundred years too.

The religious order was started by Norbert of Xanten, St. Norbert, who established the first Norbertine monastery, in Prémontré, France, in 1121.

Norbertine Priests in community.The Norbertines are Canons Regular and follow the Rule of St. Augustine. In 2021, the Norbertine order celebrated the 900th anniversary.

Norbertine priests live in community. Their community life is vibrant and life giving. Here is a photo of Norbertine priests sharing a celebratory meal.

The jubilee, which consists of many events in the United States and Europe, began with a November 21, 2020, conference in Budapest and culminates in the U.S. with Daylesford Abbey’s Founders’ Day, on November 14, 2021

These Norbertine priests have been praying Vespers, part of the divine liturgy, the evening prayer of the Divine Office for nine hundred years too. They love doing this prayer and want to serve God with everything they have and everything they are.

Sound impossible? Too difficult? Why they have been doing this for nine hundred years, longer than the existence of the United States.Norbertine Priests Chant the Divine Office

The United States is 246 years old because the Declaration of Independence was ratified by the US Second Continental Congress on July 4, 1776.

A strong sense of community is part of Norbertine life. The Norbertine priests gathered around this table are sharing smiles, laughter, and food, with a vibrant sense of community and support of one another. This same spirit of communal support is shared when they gather for Vesper services.

Why would someone want to do this in today’s modern world? Only someone who wants to serve God with everything they have and everything they are.

Sound like an impossible dream? Watch this video on our life.  Click here.  

Take some time to visit Daylesford Abbey and meet and talk with the priests. Attend Sunday Mass at Daylesford Abbey, or go there for a retreat? You just might be surprised at the treasure you discover.