“Heavies” chime in on “Little Things Mean A Lot”

“…every time the faithful gather to celebrate liturgy they are thereby united with the communion of saints in sacramental holiness. While the Eucharist may be a particular, even singular, event in time and space, it always bears universal significance beyond the limits of spatiotemporal continuity, inasmuch as it is always the assembly together with the world church that celebrates. Put differently, the world church always celebrates the liturgy through this particular assembly…. Through different rites and prayers we can observe the dynamic process whereby people in a given context come into communion with a community that reaches far beyond their own horizon …The Eucharist makes the church a universal community in Christ, his very Body, which includes the living and the dead, those who are near and far, sinners and holy ones, laity and clergy, women and men of all times.”                                      

Joris Geldhof, The 2002 Order of Mass. Incentives for Liturgical Theology, WORSHIP VOL. 93 (July 2019), pp. 250 – 251

The above excerpt footnotes major theologians such as Cardinal Walter Kasper, Aidan Kavanagh, and Henri de Lubac. -Rev. Andrew D. Ciferni, O. Praem.