Daylesford Abbey Retreat and Spirituality Center


Love takes on many forms. What does love look like in the face of the present Coronavirus pandemic? How might we show loving concern for those here in the Abbey and for those who would come for retreat?

  • If you have a fever, cough, shortness of breath, or in any other way are not feeling 100%, please stay home. Come to us when you are showing no symptoms of ill health.
  • If you have been recently exposed to someone with Covid19 or another illness, please stay home. We know that you wouldn’t want to be the source of infecting others.
  • If you become ill at any point during your stay with us, please notify Abbey staff and return home.
  • Please take care of and responsibility for your own health. Be sure to eat healthy, hydrate, get enough sleep, exercise, maintain meaningful relationships, pray, and discuss additional measures you can take for improved wellness with your doctors and health professionals.

For the time being, the Abbey is not open to groups coming in, except for Mass and prayer in the church. All those coming into our church should wear face masks and sit in the nave. Please bring your own face-covering and any other personal protective equipment you wish to use.
** The Spirituality and Retreat Center will re-open for private, personal retreats June 4, 2021 and for group retreats on July 1, 2021**

Our facilities are deep cleaned and sanitized regularly. Frequently touched surfaces and objects such as handrails, doorknobs, desks, tables, switches, computers, keyboards, and phones are cleaned and disinfected regularly. Supplies including hand sanitizer, sinks, anti-bacterial soap, paper towels, and cleaning wipes are available as needed throughout the facility.

We do ask everyone to follow CDC guidelines for best health safety practices: Try to maintain physical distancing, and when that is not possible, to wear face masks. Wash hands frequently and thoroughly; limit the sharing of objects; in the dining room and other places, try to sit in the same locations during your stay.

We are all challenged by the restrictions required by this pandemic. This challenge should prove our faith and not impede it. By showing our concern for all those around us, we are showing that our faith is built around our love for God and all God’s people.

Thank you for your cooperation.