saint evermode


Beginning of the 12th century – February 17, 1178. Evermode, like Hugh, first encountered Norbert while he was in Cambrai at the invitation of Bishop Burchard. He became Norbert’s closest friend and “beloved disciple.” He followed Norbert to Magdeburg and was present at Norbert’s deathbed. He went on, in the spirit of Norbert to become a preacher of the gospel to the peoples of eastern Germany and beyond.  Saint Evermode fulfilled his vocation to spread peace and reconciliation within is community.

You are Love, O God,
and you reveal your life to us
in the gift of friends who share our joys and sorrows,
our laughter and our tears.
May the love of Norbert and Evermode one for the other
teach us how to show forth the blessing of friendship
in life and in death until we come
to the fullness of joy in your presence,
in the company of all your holy friends,
for you are the lover of all unto the ages of ages.
We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ
in the communio of the Holy Spirit
this day and forever and ever. Amen.

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