saint frederick

Teacher of Youth

Beginning of the 12th century – March 3 1175. Born in Hallum (Friesland in The Netherlands) answered his call from God and trained as a diocesan priest. He and some companions joined the Order and in 1164 founded the abbey of Mariengaarden (Mary’s Garden) celebrated for the education of boys and young men.

O God ever ancient and ever new,
in every age you lead the elders of your church
to pass on to the generations that follow them
the wonders of your truth and the depths of your wisdom.
In the breadth of our care for the young men and women of our time
lead us to be wise teachers and mentors
who like Frederick raised up in his Mary’s Garden abbey
a school for the passing on of that knowledge, insight, and wisdom
that equips Christ’s disciples to share his Good News
and to foster for the life of the world
the arts, sciences and intellectual life that are our heritage.

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