solemnity of saint augustine

Longing and desire for God

354 – 430. We celebrate the Solemnity of Saint Augustine today, August 28. He is one of the most significant preachers, theologians, and pastors in the history of Christianity. A north African, Augustine was educated from his youth to be a rhetorician and tom seek political power. He was both a self-indulgent seeker after pleasure and a tireless seeker after truth. After his conversion, he founded a lay monastery but, against his will, was ordained a priest and later made bishop of Hippo. He preached and wrote tirelessly combining erudition with pastoral care. Saint Norbert later adopted his teachings into the foundation of the Norbertine Order.

O God, you are the source of all beauty, wisdom and truth.
You are more intimate to us than we are to ourselves
and in the secret places of our hearts you plant a relentless desire
to discover you anew each day.
Such desire led your servant Augustine into pathways of discovery
that could not fulfill his longing
until he came to rest in the Christ who became his life.
Brilliant teacher, tireless pastor of his flock, inspiring preacher,
wise promoter of the apostolic life, and faithful companion
in the company of his friends,
his sons and daughters claim him as father and brother.
May his untiring pursuit of you in all true knowledge, wisdom and beauty
inspire us to strive each day to be more and more one in mind and heart
in the whole Christ who lives and reigns with you for ever and ever. Amen.

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