solemnity of saint norbert

Reconciliation through the Eucharist

Ca.1175 – 1134. Founder of our Order. Norbert was born into a family of substance; was educated in the collegiate school of St. Victor in Xanten and held a comfortable position in nth court of the emperor and the archbishop of Cologne. He underwent a radical conversion in 1115 and became a wandering preacher of peace and reform. He settled at Prémontré in 1120 where he and his followers made their first profession on Christmas day 1121. 1126 Norbert was named archbishop of Magdeburg where he became a tireless evangelizer and a mediator of peace between the emperor and the pope. He died June 6, 1134. We celebrate the Solemnity of Saint Norbert on June 6.

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God of our journeys,
from his home at Gennep and on to Xanten you led Norbert
to the day of his conversion.
You made him a wandering preacher of peace and reconciliation
and led him to Prémontré and finally to Magdeburg.
You give him to us as our spiritual father to lead us to follow the poor Christ
in a common life of prayer and ministry.
As we celebrate with joy the blessings of this man of God,
lead us to live the life of the apostles he preached and lived
for the glory of your name and for the life of the world.
We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ in the communio of the Holy Spirit
this day and forever and ever. Amen.

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