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Daylesford Abbey has been making audio recordings of each Sunday’s homily available for many years.  Recently, the church has been equipped with cameras allowing us to record and share live stream videos.  We have also created a video archive for our homilies.

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The content from The Springhouse will be available free of charge. If you find this ministry of service to you, we hope that you would want to support us in providing this content in an ongoing manner. We are thinking of this as a “pay-it-forward” kind of endeavor. Not only would your donation help us to cover the expenses of producing its content, you would make it possible for us to offer it to others as well. As long as we are able, by your generosity, we will continue to produce content which we believe will serve the church. We hope that you might become a partner in this ministry. Please click here to make a donation to the ministry of The Springhouse.