You can help keep the work of Daylesford Abbey alive  by supporting our mission and ministry. For 900 years, lay people have partnered with the Norbertines by sharing of their time, talent and treasure.

Generous men and women have helped Daylesford Abbey serve the local church through our mission and ministry.  With support from our benefactors, Daylesford Abbey can remain a needed oasis of peace and a center for healing and reconciliation.  We are available for individual and group retreats.  We minister to those in need of healing, comfort and companionship.  We could not continue our work without your help.

We invite you to join this tradition and support Daylesford Abbey through the following ways.  Thank you for your generosity.  

Help Daylesford Abbey continue its ministry with a donation.  Anything you can give would be greatly appreciated.

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Our 2021 Annual Giving Campaign has begun, with the logo for our 900 year history: “One with God, together with the People.” Our Abbey friends and benefactors by their Time, Talent, and Treasure remain a major support to our Mission. Last year’s campaign surpassed our budget and we are hopeful with your generosity it will be very successful this celebratory year.
You are invited to consider donating online by clicking on the “PayPal” button below. May God bless you for your continued generosity to us.
We remember you daily in our Masses and prayers.

Tiered levels for giving are:

Fellows – $1,000 and above
Contributors – $500 to $999
Members – $250 – $499
Donors – $100 – $249
Friends – $1 – $99

In the memory or honor of:
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Daylesford Abbey continues to provide programs for spiritual growth, even during the COVID-19 situation.  We cannot do this without your generosity!  To continue offering these programs through social media, we need your help.  Please be as generous as possible.

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Remembering the Norbertines of Daylesford Abbey with your Commemorative Gift will automatically make you a Benefactor of our Community, which enables you and your loved ones to share in our daily Mass, prayers and various ministries, especially to those in need.

Loved ones are honored and remembered in our perpetual prayers.

When a loved one dies it is natural to find a way of perpetually remembering that person. Many families have designated that donations be made to Daylesford Abbey in the name of a deceased family member. In this way, the mission of the Norbertines is continued and the deceased are enrolled in our Memorial Chapel and are remembered in our community Mass and prayer. (As we receive a Memorial Contribution, the family of the deceased is notified and each donor is also thanked.)

Questions about Memorial Gifts should be directed to: Fr. John Joseph Novielli, Director of Development

A Mass enrollment card is a wonderful expression of our prayers and concern for a friend or family member in need of God’s special blessing. We invite you to enroll a friend or loved one in this joyful prayer union today. For a grieving friend, a lonesome relative, or someone facing a critical decision, your act of faith can restore love and life.


You are invited to join the Abbot John Neitzel Society. The Abbot John E. Neitzel Society is a group of friends of the Abbey who have designated in their wills that they will remember the Abbey in their estate planning. Yearly they are invited to a Sunday Abbey Mass and brunch with the Norbertine Community

Additional information concerning remembering Daylesford Abbey in your will may be obtained from Fr. John Joseph Novielli, Director of Development.