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Discernment Retreat with Daylesford Abbey’s Spiritual Directors & Abbot Domenic Rossi, O. Praem.


Discernment Retreat with Daylesford Abbey's Spiritual Directors and Abbot Domenic Rossi, O. Praem.January 27-29, 2023Retreat begins at 6:30pm on Friday evening and concludes with Mass on Sunday at 10:30am/11:45am brunch)Offering (Overnight): $220 (2 nights, overnight room and meals included: Friday dinner through Sunday breakfast)Offering (Commuter): $110 (meals included)Scholarships available "Discernment refers to the process of sifting out what is of God, discriminating between that which expresses God's call and anything that runs counter to it."   Daylesford Abbey is offering a weekend retreat opportunity for people seeking to both learn and deepen their knowledge and practice of discernment. Following an Ignatian model for [...]

Discernment Retreat with Daylesford Abbey’s Spiritual Directors & Abbot Domenic Rossi, O. Praem.2023-01-17T12:07:28-05:00

Coffee Hour


You are invited to join us for a Coffee Hour on Sunday, August 28, 2022 after  10:30 am Mass. If you need more information, please contact Diane Yanosh at or 610.601.8629    God’s Blessing for your assistance.

Coffee Hour2022-08-03T09:19:24-04:00

Director For The Spirituality Center Wanted


Director, Spirituality Center The Daylesford Abbey – Paoli, PA JOB DESCRIPTION: Daylesford Abbey is seeking a highly motivated and energetic Director for its Retreat and Spirituality Center, someone who understands and appreciates the character of Daylesford Abbey and its mission. Mission Statement: in an environment of hospitality and inclusivity, Daylesford Abbey’s Spirituality Center exists to assist all those longing for a deepening sense of personal and communal spiritual growth. It offers a variety of faith-nurturing programs in the spirit and charism of our Order’s founder, St. Norbert, known as a minister of peace and reconciliation. Our goal is always to foster that [...]

Director For The Spirituality Center Wanted2020-01-20T12:59:40-05:00

The Solemnity of Mary


On January 1, Daylesford Abbey celebrates the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God. This feast celebrates Mary’s motherhood of Jesus. January 1 is the eighth day of Christmastide in the Catholic Church leading up to the Epiphany on January 6. On the Epiphany, we celebrate Jesus as the incarnate of God. Christmas does not end on December 25 for Catholics. We celebrate the birth of Christ and the revelation of Jesus as God for days after. 

The Solemnity of Mary2020-01-15T16:02:55-05:00

Catechetical Corner November 10


Daylesford Founders’ Day On November 13, 354, Augustine of Hippo was born in Tagaste, North Africa. The significance of that date has caused it to be set aside as the day on which the Catholic communities of consecrated life who follow his Rule (the Dominicans, the Augustinians, the Norbertines, other orders of canons regular, and many communities of sisters) celebrate the day in grateful memory of the Saints of their communities who strove to live the apostolic life of the early Jerusalem community according to the Rule of Augustine. It happened that on November 13, 1893, three Dutch Norbertines from the [...]

Catechetical Corner November 102019-11-12T13:17:48-05:00

Catechetical Corner November 3


Abbey Cemetery Sculpture Yesterday we celebrated the annual November All Souls Abbey Cemetery Service in which we remember all those buried there and also by name all of our deceased Associates. The visual focus of our cemetery and of the annual service is Anthony Visco’s bronze sculpture “Norbert Presenting His Follower to the Risen Christ,” or more exactly “Norbert Presenting Hugh of Fosse to the Risen Christ.” Hugh was Norbert’s closest associate, and when Norbert left Prémontré (1126) to take up his new ministry as Archbishop of Magdeburg (Germany) the community at Prémontré asked Norbert for permission to elect a superior [...]

Catechetical Corner November 32019-11-12T13:15:42-05:00

Growing Religious Orders


Growing religious orders are not a thing of the past. It would appear in recent years, the number of men and women entering religious life has decreased in recent years. In fact, a decline in vocations began to decrease between 1963 and 1966. However, for some religious orders, that is not the case. In particular, more traditional religious orders are growing despite an increasingly secular world. Many of the religious orders that continue to grow have various traits in common. For example, the Legionaries of Christ is among the list of growing religious orders. The Legionaries of Christ live communally and [...]

Growing Religious Orders2019-09-25T15:16:24-04:00


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