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Pray the Rosary in October

The Holy Rosary for Catholic Vocations is an important devotion. The Holy Rosary is one of the most important forms of prayer in the Catholic church.  Catholic Culture notes: “No form of extra-liturgical devotion to Mary is more widely practiced among the faithful or found by them to be more satisfyingly complete than the Rosary, which has come to be regarded as the very badge of Catholic piety.” (Source)

The History of the Rosary

Tradition holds that the Blessed Mother appeared to St. Dominic in 1206.  She asked him to teach this prayer to others.  October has been traditionally dedicated to the Rosary since 1571. Pope Pius V asked the Christian world to unite in prayer, saying the Rosary and asking for victory over an invading Turkish armada.  Devotion to the Rosary grew over the centuries. Today, some people think the Rosary is “old school.”  But it is still practiced by tens of millions of people.

Vocations and the Rosary

The Blessed Mother gave St. Dominic the Rosary over 800 years ago.  Many miraculous events and blessings have been attributed to this devotion.  It is no surprise that praying the Rosary for priestly vocations and vocations to religious life are an increasingly important practice among the faithful.

Many Catholics rededicate themselves to the Rosary in October. This month, we invite you to pray for vocations to the Catholic priesthood and religious life. There are  many beautiful resources available to help guide your prayer for vocations through the Rosary.  Here you will find a “Rosary for Prestly and Religious Vocations” from  We’ve included another PDF that integrates specific intentions for Catholic vocations and the Rosary.

An Invitation

The Catholic church will always need men and women open to answering God’s call to serve His people.  We invite men who are committed to loving and serving Jesus Christ.  We invite men who are interested in dedicating themselves to be ministers of peace and reconciliation to consider a vocation at Daylesford Abbey.  Click here to learn more about a life at Daylesford.