Prayer and meditation are very important aspects of spiritual direction and spiritual retreats. Quieting your mind from outside distractions is integral to strengthening your relationship with God, and allowing you to strengthen relationships with the people in your life.

Taking the time to pray and meditate opens your heart and mind to God and to hear His word more clearly. As you begin working with a spiritual director, you will learn how to effectively pray and meditate and bring peace into your life.

Going on a spiritual retreat is a set, planned time when you will pray and meditate. While on retreat, you will have time to pray.

Daylesford Abbey is here to provide those looking for spiritual direction different programs to begin your path to spiritual growth with God. We offer both individual spiritual direction, as well spiritual direction in a group setting. We also offer retreats (both private personal and group). We are currently open for private and personal retreats, and we reopened for group retreats on 1 July 2021.

Please contact us today about your journey with spiritual direction in the Catholic faith. Call 610-601-8702 or send an email to