Nelson J. Perez was formally installed as Archbishop of Philadelphia in a Mass on Tuesday, February 18, 2020 in the Cathedral of Basilica of SS. Peter and Paul in Philadelphia. This happens to be the same cathedral in which Perez was ordained a priest for the Philadelphia Archdiocese in 1989. 

Archbishop Perez has become the youngest archbishop in the United States, and is the third archbishop of Hispanic heritage, as his parents emigrated from Cuba. 

More than 2,000 people joined the congregation to welcome the new archbishop on Tuesday. Archbishop Perez welcomed guests himself at the door of the cathedral to personally greet each archdiocesan and religious priests with handshakes, hugs and open arms. 

Archbishop Perez delivered a 26-minute homily, thanking everyone involved in planning the Mass to welcome him and to install him as archbishop. He thanked Archbishop Charles Chaput, his predecessor, for his “faithfulness and courage” and his commitment to the diocese, making “difficult decisions” during his eight-year tenure which garnered him “great suffering and criticism.” 

He further called on over 50 bishops from across the United States and hundreds of priests and deacons who were present at the Mass to be there with him to “work with hope” and “that we will be the source of healing” in regards to controversy in the Catholic Church.

Archbishop Perez plans to “visit, listen and learn” in the beginning of his position as archbishop. From here, he believes getting to know the archdiocese will guide his vision as to how he will lead the archdiocese to grow and to make changes that will positively impact everyone involved. 

Daylesford Abbey is proud to again welcome Archbishop Perez to our Philadelphia family.