The Bethesda Project, founded by Daylesford Abbey’s Abbot Domenic A. Rossi, O. Praem., supports the homelessness and provides them with love and care in their moment of need. This Philadelphia, faith-based nonprofit offers various resources to those in need. 

Among these resources are faith-sharing groups. This allows those being serviced by the Bethesda Project the opportunity to discuss passages from the bible, share their faith stories and express their fears. In particular, one member named Cathy asked the group if they “really believe that stuff” while another member read from Psalm 23 (“My shepherd is the Lord). Group members thoughtfully responded with their personal stories as to why their faith remains strong despite personal loss and tragedy.

The following is from the Bethesda Project newsletter telling Cathy’s story:

“Then in one some way or other, members each thanked their ‘Good Shepherd’ for protection on the streets and freedom from the dark forces which had plagued them. One man broke into a spontaneous prayer thanking God for his room at Bethesda, all the friends that he had made at our residence and the love he had received from staff and volunteers. When he had finished, several others added their hearty ‘Amen’s, and then silence again returned to the room.”

God never left their side through all the hardship, and ultimately led them to the Bethesda Project where the would find the love and support they needed.