A Thought for Thanksgiving

How much money is enough? And can you ever have too much? So, what is the right amount? For John D. Rockefeller the answer was “just a little bit more.” At the peak of his wealth, Rockefeller had a net worth of about 1% of the entire US economy. He owned 90% of all the oil & gas industry of his time. Compared to today’s rich guys, Rockefeller makes Bill Gates and Warren Buffett look like paupers. And yet he still wanted “just a little bit more.”  “Enough” isn’t just an amount. It is also an attitude. Money is wonderful as a tool, but it’s terrible as a tyrant. (Reference)

This coming week, like every day of our lives, is a good time to think about what is “enough” for each of us by starting with “an attitude of gratitude.” Gratitude is both the beginning of prayer, especially petitionary prayer, and of virtue. 

PRAYER. Jesus invites us to ask for favors from the Father in his Name. A first move in this direction is to engage in a time devoted to thanking God for our many gifts: our very life, health, education, family, friends, this morning’s hot oatmeal, WRTI-FM, and last summer’s days at the beach. We might find our petition list dwindling or moving us to intercede for others less blessed than we. 

VIRTUE. In times of temptation toward greater wealth/security/greed, fame/affection/sex, power/control/violence, we might stop first and think of the security, love and freedom that comes in our healthy relationships with family, friends, and God.

We are blessed to have a great act of thanksgiving at the center of our lives – the Eucharist.