Catholics in the community recognize their calling to help others in this uncertain time. Knights of Columbus members in the Philadelphia region are responding to the needs of local parishes and community amid the COVID-19 crisis. The “Leave No Neighbor Behind” order-wide service program aims to assist their fellow neighbors. 

While the COVID-19 pandemic halted life as we know it, the Knights of Columbus see this as an opportunity to “deepen our commitment to the very principles which define us: charity, unity and fraternity,” said Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson. Through this current service program, the Knights identify five areas of service activities, all the while keeping social distance and taking necessary health precautions. 

These area of service include:

  • Reaching out and maintaining contact with widows of deceased Knights, as well as elderly Knights
  • Speaking with pastors to help with charitable and spiritual needs of parishes
  • Reaching out to various community non-profits
  • Helping neighbors in need by calling those in isolation and running errands for those who are homebound
  • Assisting local food banks
  • Scheduling blood donations

Of course, the Knights are active in the community all of the time, but now with people in isolation and in need of help, the Knights sprang into action to further complete the mission they were meant to do: lead and assist others. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has both brought life as we know it to a stop, but has also helped us realize what is important in life. We realize our values and understand shifting more importance to family, friends, faith and community outreach. The Knights of Columbus are just one of many, many groups reaching out to help others during this crisis. 

Daylesford Abbey, and many other Catholic communities, continue making the effort to bring Catholic values and Catholic reflections to the homes of people in need of their faith now more than ever through digital (Facebook, YouTube, etc.) channels. We expect to see this trend of increased community outreach and a return to valuing what is truly important long after the COVID-19 pandemic ends.