Despite the inability to attend church services in person, faith continues to grow during the COVID-19 pandemic. Virtual services, like Daylesford Abbey’s own, help sustain the community’s faith; however, while we can bring our Catholic faith to individuals daily through digital spaces, some may find themselves spiritually isolated. 

Recent research has shown the opposite is true, though. A recent Pew Research Center survey found that 24% of Americans claim their faith has grown stronger during Coronavirus. Those asked were both already religious and not religious at all prior to the pandemic. In a separate survey, over half of American adults responded that they prayed for this to end. These respondents again include religious and non-religious people of all faiths. 

In a breakdown of different religious faiths and denominations, 27% of Catholics reported their faith in God has grown stronger. In the survey, a question regarding streaming online services, 79% of Catholics further reported they have tuned in. We can see that while congregations cannot physically meet, a majority of their community still counts on and views the videos churches produce. 

Digital streaming of church services can never replace communal worship in the Lord’s home, but certainly can provide a sense of community and guidance in these uncertain times. 

Until we can meet together again at Daylesford Abbey, we will continue to pray together (while apart) daily for a safe return to church services.