Father John Zagarella, O. Praem. has been named the new Daylesford Abbey Prior and Rector of the Abbey church. (The position of prior might be compared to the position of COO in a corporation, while the abbot’s position would compare to that of a CEO.) Prior John would see to the immediate needs of the confrères and to the proper functioning of the house and community. In addition, as rector, he would be responsible for everything that happens in the Abbey church.

Father John just celebrated his 34th anniversary of ordination, and most recently has been teaching and counseling at Archmere Academy. A course that he has been teaching each semester for the past 6 years has been on the Norbertine charism – which has helped him to focus more intently on what is distinguishing about our Norbertine way of life. This, besides his many years of experience as an administrator, has prepared him well to tackle this new challenge. Prior John will continue in a part-time way with his ministry at Archmere Academy. Thank you, John, for saying yes to this important service to the community.

We are also extremely grateful to Father Dave Driesch, who served as prior over the past several years. He did an outstanding job in that role.