March 19 celebrates the life of Joseph, Mary’s husband and earthly father to Jesus Christ. While it is not a holy day of obligation for Catholics in the United States, it is still important to celebrate Saint Joseph and his role in Jesus’ life. 

Joseph was married to Mary, Jesus’ mother. He traveled with Mary to Bethlehem, raised Jesus as his own son, teaching him his trade of carpentry. 

St. Joseph is considered the Patron saint of workers, and Pope Pius IX declared him the patron and protector of the Catholic Church. Additionally, St. Joseph is the Patron saint of Sicily. Notably, the Feast of Saint Joseph is a citywide event in New Orleans, LA, which has a large population of Sicilian immigrants. In New Orleans, and across the United States, those observing the Feast of St. Joseph may set up private and public altars, host parades, and wear red.