The Feast of St. Norbert is June 6. St. Norbert founded the Norbertine Order in 1120 AD. Daylesford Abbey is made up of Norbertines, and the Norbertines remain the fifth oldest surviving order within the Catholic Church.

St. Norbert of Xanten (located in what is today in Germany) passed away June 6, 1134, and we celebrate him each year on this day. St. Norbert founded the Norbertines to bring renewal in the clergy through bridging the gap between monastic and clerical life. 

The Norbertines believe in a simple life, thus taking a vow of poverty, chastity and obedience and living a common life togetLife within the Norbertine Abbeys may vary by location, but at the center of every Norbertine Community is a commitment to sung communal prayer, meals together and work outside of the Abbey supporting the local church community.her. Our order is characterized by the idea of “communio meaning together in Christ. Our daily lives consist of communal prayer and other actions to serve the church.

Fortuitously, the Feast of St. Norbert falls on the same weekend Daylesford Abbey is allowed to open its doors to the public! We may welcome a less than normal number of people. In this first phase, everyone above the age of 2 must come to Mass wearing their own face mask. The laity will stay in the nave in every other pew (the others will be blocked off). People of the same household can sit together in the same pew but should be separated from other individuals or households by 6 feet. At this time, there can also be no socializing in the church before or after Mass. As new guidelines are released in the coming weeks, we will update our community.