While COVID-19 keeps us at home, maintaining communication with your church community requires utilizing digital resources more and more. Social media, email blasts and continuous website updates keep your audience engaged, and may even increase your reach.

Daylesford Abbey cannot currently hold public Mass or retreats at our location, but we can bring reflections, Mass and community updates to you via our website, Facebook page and YouTube channel. We live stream scripture reading and reflection Monday through Friday at 11 am EST via Facebook and YouTube, and for those without Facebook, you can view the live streams on our website. Additionally, each Sunday we will livestream mass at 9 am. 

Our social channels allow us to continue the dialogue with our community. Everyone at the Abbey would prefer to meet with you all in person, but until we can again, we can provide guidance and faith using these mediums. We also ask you to sign up for our newsletter to stay updated about Daylesford Abbey. Visit our website to do so!

As the COVID-19 situation continues to develop, Daylesford Abbey will continue to adapt and develop new ways of bringing the word of God to the faithful.

Stay safe and stay well.