December 25th, Christmas, is recognized as the birth of Jesus. However, in Christianity and Catholicism, January 6th is a feast day known as The Epiphany (sometimes called Three Kings’ Day or Little Christmas). 

The Epiphany is the day in which Jesus is revealed to be the Son of God. This feast day also commemorates the visit of the Magi. The three Wise Men were sent by King Herod, brought baby Jesus gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. 

Epiphany comes from the Greek word epipháneia meaning manifestation or appearance. The Epiphany celebrates the Three Wise Men, and the rest of the world, coming to understand Jesus Christ as the physical Son of God on Earth. 

While celebrating this joyous feast day together may not be possible due to COVID guidelines, please view Daylesford Abbey’s homily discussing the Epiphany.