God has called all of His children to a particular vocation in their lives. Everyone has a different calling from God, and it will be presented to you in different ways. We may have many callings, and there are ways you can realize what your vocation is in life


One man might have a calling to marriage and/or a certain profession. Another man might have a calling to religious life. As Catholics, we believe everything we are called to do in life is based on God’s will. Following God’s plan for us leads us to eternal life in Heaven. We do this in many ways:


  • Discerning our primary vocation (marriage, priesthood, religious life, etc.)
  • Discerning our particular vocation (whom to marry, etc.)
  • Following God’s will for our relationships
  • Avoiding sin and seeking to examine our conscience to discern where we are falling short and where we are responding to grace
  • Seeking to understand how God wants us to respond to circumstances in the world around us.

Through marriage (and having children) we can answer God’s call by growing together in love and in love with God. Raising children models God’s love for us to our children. Marriage and raising a family tends to be the majority of people’s vocations, but some will be called to religious life.
When you feel the pull towards religious life or the Catholic priesthood, the call may not always be apparent. Eventually, the call becomes louder and you find your way to God. Whether you enter religious life as a sister, brother, nun or priest, your life’s work is towards spreading the love and word of God.

All of our vocations in life are different to create a diverse, but loving world working together to bring the Lord’s peace and reconciliation. Through serving others we act as God to others and we become more and more like Christ each day. While we might sin and fall short of what God desires for us, God still calls us to faithfully live our vocations in the hope that we will be with God in heaven some day.

If you feel the pull towards the Catholic priesthood, consider the Norbertine order at Daylesford Abbey. Daylesford Abbey is currently seeking men ready to fulfill their vocation to God and begin their journey to being an ordained priest. To those who feel called to religious life as a Catholic priest, Daylesford Abbey is open and ready to help you on this journey. Contact Abbot Domenic A. Rossi for further information at drossi@daylesford.org or call 610-647-2530.