Daylesford Abbey Vocations

Daylesford Abbey is seeking men who are committed to loving and serving Jesus Christ completely, who will support their brothers in Christ through common life and common prayer, and who will dedicate themselves to be ministers of peace and reconciliation.

If you have a passion for God and for helping others to find Christ, this may be a sign of God’s plan for you.

Daylesford Abbey provides a community in which you can take the time to contemplate God’s Word and be bathed in the ongoing refreshment of our common prayer, so as to serve the larger church through sacramental ministry and in a variety of ministries with God’s healing love.

Could joining the Norbertine Order and becoming a Catholic priest or religious brother be God’s plan for you?

To learn more about vocations at Daylesford Abbey, please contact Abbot Domenic A. Rossi, O. Praem. at

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To learn more about vocations at Daylesford Abbey, please complete the form below.

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