In the most basic sense of the word, a retreat is a time in which one steps back from the noise and stress of day to day life to reflect and connect with oneself.  A spiritual retreat builds upon this concept by not only allowing one to better connect with themselves, but to allow them to take the time to connect with God on a more intimate level.

The definition of a spiritual retreat can help answer the question as to why we go on a retreat. We all need time to take a step back, relax, meditate and see ourselves more clearly. A spiritual retreat allows us to hit pause and find time to speak with God to bring us more peace in our day to day lives.

Spiritual retreats offer individuals and groups time to reflect on scripture, ask questions and discuss the role of God and Catholicism in their life.  The retreatant (person on retreat), along with a spiritual director take the time to pray and listen to God. We all get caught up in what life throws at us. With a retreat, our relationship with God grows deeper.

Daylesford Abbey’s Spirituality and Retreat Center provides an ideal setting for your private and personal retreat. The Spirituality and Retreat Center welcomes people of all faith denominations, spiritualities and prayer groups, as well as persons of all ethnic and racial backgrounds. Retreatants are invited to design their own retreat, with options for directed and silent retreats. Daylesford Abbey also invites outside organizations and groups to contact us about scheduling a group retreat.

Together, we can find ourselves on the right path with spiritual direction and reflection. Join us for a spiritual retreat at Daylesford Abbey.

Retreats should be scheduled at least two weeks in advance by calling the Spirituality Center at (610) 601-8702 or email