What is spiritual direction and who can benefit from it? Anyone looking to deepen their relationship with God can certainly benefit from spiritual direction. When you are able to better connect with God, you also obtain a better understanding of yourself.

Spiritual direction is the process where someone guides the person seeking direction in their reflection and growth. First, this process allows someone to understand their relationship with God with the help of a spiritual director. The spiritual director helps the person open their ears, eyes, heart and mind to the voice of God. 

Growing closer with God with the help of a spiritual director is a very personal and subjective experience that takes time as you build a relationship with one another that allows the director to accurately guide you and learn about you. Ultimately, building this closer and deeper relationship with God allows you to grow and deepen other relationships in your life.

Daylesford Abbey is here to provide those looking for spiritual direction different programs to begin your path to spiritual growth with God. We offer both individual direction, as well as in a group setting. We also offer retreats (both private and group). We are currently open for private and personal retreats, and will reopen for group retreat rentals on July 1, 2021.

Please contact us today about your journey with spiritual direction in the Catholic faith. Call 610-601-8702 or send an email to adr@daylesford.org.