There are many choices and paths to follow in determining one’s life: Marriage, Single Life?  There are a variety of occupations: Computer Systems Analyst, Scientist, Construction Manager, Engineer, Doctor, Nurse, Teacher, Veterinarian, Politician, Dentist, Law Enforcement Officer, Funeral Director, and a variety of vocations: Priest, Monk, Nun.

Many of these choices are well paying. So why would someone choose a vocation that does not pay any money, where members take a vow of poverty, and yet have a variety of work choices?

Have you ever thought of becoming a Roman Catholic priest? A priest who lives in community with other like-minded individuals. Click here for a video.  You might be surprised at what you discover.

Vocation Stories

vocationHere are some of their stories: “Upon graduating from college and working as a corporate accountant, I found myself not supported by Catholic friends and fell away from the practice of my religion. Despondent with my career choice, yet unsure of what I wanted to pursue next, I set out on an exploratory trip across the USA.

Traveling the roads and byways of the US, I felt first the exhilaration of the open road and its promise to put me in better touch with myself. As an itinerant, I found myself asking time and time again “where am I going and why am I staying here.”

Reverend Carl Braschoss, O. Praem found answers.  Copy and paste this link to discover what he found. Click here.

“Norbe – who?” I remember asking my friend. We had just entered the Bishop Neumann High School and were told by Fr. C. Albert Koob, the Principal, that Norbertine priests and brothers ran and helped staff the high school… I noted how the Norbertine fathers seemed to really enjoy being with one another.

I’ll never forget how one priest, Fr. Fred Becker would joke around with his confreres very openly. And I remember being surprised by that. It sounds strange now.

“Boy, it must be great being like that.”  Check more out here. 

Rev. Richard Antonucci, O. Praem.
vocationJoking with friends, comrades… Sharing laughter, joy, camaraderie! Living, working, and praying together and sharing meals together too! Impossible?  This is a daily occurrence within the community life at Daylesford Abbey.

“Daylesford Abbey provides a community in which you can take the time to contemplate God’s Word and be bathed in the ongoing refreshment of our common liturgical prayer, so as to serve the larger church through sacramental ministry and in a variety of ministries with God’s healing love.” They are responsible for two parishes in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.


Is your passion working with the poor, the unhoused? The Bethesda Project is a major ministry to the homeless of Philadelphia.

Is your dream and hope to be a teacher, to work in a school? Today, two men who are assigned full time to Archmere  Academy, and one is also the chaplain at Villa Maria Lower School in Immaculata.

Do you want to help others deepen their spiritual life? At the Spirituality Center, you could serve as a spiritual director and as a confessor or counselor.

Are you interested in social media and podcasts? You could serve at AbbeyCast, offering informal, free-flowing conversations that spark curiosity and nurture spiritual growth.

Do you enjoy attending music fests? The Abbey has a yearly music fest. You could help plan and organize these events and connect with hundreds of families and teens, while hearing the music of many top Christian recording artists.

The chance to follow your dreams while living and sharing with other likeminded men, and to help make the world a better place can be yours as a member of the Norbertine community at Daylesford Abbey. The next step is yours.

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